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Del Foxton
Del Foxton - ECO-artist / paper artist

with Del Foxton

Del Foxton

Del lives and works between The Bahamas and Canada. As a  member of art associations in these countries,
Foxton’s work is intrinsically and extrinsically linked there and where her studios - Adagio Art Gallery & Studios -
are located. She describes her relationship with her work, which started with up cycling paper, as an obsession.

Del Foxton - ECO artist / paper artist
Del Foxton Canada

Over 2000 years following the introduction of the Chinese papermaking technique, Del Foxton commits herself to the task of transforming recycled material into works of art. This ancient Chinese art form was not only right for its time, but is absolutely necessary now and for our future well-being.

Fantasy Garden

Sparked by the sight of paper waste,  Foxton has taken environmental responsibility to new heights, producing aesthetically pleasing work from raw material that would remain debris  but for her artistically refined vision.

Her dedication and love for papermaking gives way to boundless creativity. She has also found community through her association with the Dard Hunter.

Bringing Canadian flavor to island life, her work creatively fuses recycling with the historically Caribbean way of living off the land. She transforms local vegetation and recycled paper in her papermaking process, using barrels of water to transform to pulp by soaking, shredding, cooking, straining, washing, and beating collected plant material and paper. By creating her own canvases, Foxton has complete control over size, shape, thickness, color, and texture, further differentiating her work from all others in the market.

Foxton’s avant garde creations inspire others in the art world to imagine themselves and their work as solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.

Del Foxton - ECO artist / paper artist

“We have a responsibility to honor the philosophy of repairing, reducing, and recycling. We also have an opportunity to turn the waste of our consumed pleasures into new, exciting, innovative and reusable items that will not only please, but also reduce our carbon footprint.”

Del Foxton - ECO artist / paper artist

 An active member of the Bahamas National Trust, Del Foxton is a guardian of the environment. She is a fine art practitioner, teacher, and an inspiration for everyone with passion for a cause and a seemingly unrelated gift. She is evidence that there is always a way to merge the two, and revolutionize the way we see and interact with the world around us.

 The emergence of this fine art medium is welcomed by art galleries all over the world, hungry for work that begins to acknowledge - even pay - the debt we owe the earth that sustains us. She invites like-minded people to contact her and share in her journey.

Foxton's work in galleries in The Bahamas, Canada and USA.

Del Foxton - Logo

Art raises questions, sparks ideas, brings fresh perspective, and most importantly, encourages reflection. If Foxton’s work resonates with you, share with a friend. If you'd like to learn more, or become involved in her environmental artistic movement, plan a visit to Adagio Art Gallery & Studio where she hosts private gallery events with home-grown  teas. 

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