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Del Foxton - Adagio Gallery, Canada

Adagio Gallery

Where All The Adventures Begin... The Bahamas, Canada and Florida

Adagio Gallery in The Bahamas
"Energy Rising" 2023

Adagio is a musical term meaning slow, leisurely and with grace... that is how I describe my galleries.

In 2004 I opened Adagio Art Studio and Gallery and shared my passion for the ancient art form of hand paper-making.


Sadly, in September 2019, many homes, including our home and my beloved Bahama Adagio Studio and Gallery were destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. The painful loss, by us and thousands, was almost unbearable. We are slowly rebuilding our beautiful island and moving forward.


My “ENERGY RISING” collection depicts us, literally and figuratively, picking up the pieces that the Hurricane left in its wake and, to rise up and “march together to a common loftier goal”,  referenced in the Bahamian National Anthem.

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Where My Adventures Take Me

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