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Del Foxton

About Me

The Chinese paper-making method is a 2000 year old technique and is one of the oldest. With my work, this paper-making technique addresses the issue of waste, one of the most pressing challenges of our time, with color, flair, and the signature of hope.

From banana leaves to colored paper, I carefully craft pieces that embody my need to create, and my longstanding commitment to sustainable practices that make a strong statement about the human responsibility to the environment we inhabit.

I have committed myself to the task of transforming recycled material into works of art. This ancient Chinese art form was not only right for its time, but is absolutely necessary now and for our future well-being.

Del's adventures in art

Del Foxton - art

Art Gallery

The opportunity to honor our environment while indulging my passion of hand paper-making pleases me. I prefer not to name my work so that it speaks to you.

Del Foxton - Art Show

Art Shows

My artistry can be viewed at galleries in the Bahamas, Canada,  USA, and online.

I am one of the global artisans keeping the ancient art form of handmade paper alive.


Exploring Art Around the World

I have been fortunate to visit art galleries and art studios in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, England, Scotland, and Scandinavia. I am totally inspired by the art and artists that I have met in each place. These experiences provide me with the excitement and motivation I need to explore new avenues for my paper-making art.

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