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Del's work speaks to heart and soul. We fell in love with "Broken Fences" a piece that speaks to both of our worlds in the Bahamas and in Nebraska, purchased to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Del is a lovely person and a lovely artist. Cheers

-Jon and Bonnie

“Del creates space and gives to a surface a personal touch.”
- Vicky Magnier, Grand Bahama

We love the colours, texture and shapes of our Tribal Stance artwork. You have captured the essence of traditional Indigenous/Inuit Art from Canada which we love. Thank you so much for a beautiful work of art.

-Pat and Jim Ogryzlo. Ontario, Canada

“It makes us feel happy and positive every time we look at it. It’s whimsical tone and primary colors motivate us to start each day in a great way.”

- Ann Halpern, Grand Bahamas

“Some art seems created to be pretty, interesting, or challenging. Your work evokes pleasant emotions and warm feelings.”
- Anne Halpern, Grand Bahama

“I just knew I had to have it. Not because I decided that for me it meant contained passion, but it made me feel good. It was striking.
- Jocelyn Mullis, Quebec City

“Organic, creative, thoughtful, whimsical, timeless – Del’s art is all that and more. Her work is personal and thoughtful.”
- Carol Maclean, Grand Bahama

“We have a great interest in protecting the environment and Del’s art reflect the importance of each of us being a part of this.”
- Mary Seidel, Houston

with Del Foxton

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