“Del creates space and gives to a surface a personal touch.”
- Vicky Magnier, Grand Bahama

“It makes us feel happy and positive every time we look at it. It’s whimsical tone and primary colors motivate us to start each day in a great way.”

- Ann Halpern, Grand Bahamas

“Some art seems created to be pretty, interesting, or challenging. Your work evokes pleasant emotions and warm feelings.”
- Anne Halpern, Grand Bahama

“I just knew I had to have it. Not because I decided that for me it meant contained passion, but it made me feel good. It was striking.
- Jocelyn Mullis, Quebec City

“Organic, creative, thoughtful, whimsical, timeless – Del’s art is all that and more. Her work is personal and thoughtful.”
- Carol Maclean, Grand Bahama

“We have a great interest in protecting the environment and Del’s art reflect the importance of each of us being a part of this.”
- Mary Seidel, Houston

with Del Foxton

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