Can We Live Without Plastic...

The Bahamas are blessed with some of the clearest water in the world and the news of the Bahamian government’s environmental action to ban single use plastic was welcomed by many Bahamian people and for me personally. As a Paper Sculptor, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this “Green” environmental action as my artistry has always been based on the 3R’s of reduce, repair and recreate and when Doongalik Art Gallery in Nassau Bahamas launched the PLASKIT art exhibition for Transforming Spaces 2020, I appreciated the opportunity to take the plastic challenge with my artistry “Here’s looking at YOU”

The “drink more water for better health” movement that has caused an insane one time use of plastic water bottles, was the inspiration for my submission. I created a wall hanging “Here’s looking at YOU” with just a few of the hundreds/thousands/millions of caps from plastic water bottles that I and friends, rescued and, embedded them in my recycled handmade paper.

My hope is that interest in this whimsical piece “Here’s looking at YOU” draws attention that will lead to constructive conversation to generate a culture that cares enough about our environment to become part of the solution, in their own special way.

Each of us YOU’s have contributed to the plastic pollution and it is each of us YOU’s who will need to find solutions and re-design, re-create and re-plastik.

How are YOU taking the Plastik Challenge? Let us know in the comments below

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