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Eco-Friendly ARTWORK

or "Trashion - a term for art, jewelry, fashion, and objects created from used, thrown-out, found, and repurposed elements."
The term was first coined in New Zealand in 2004

Del Foxton - ECO artist / paper artist

Del Foxton - searching for treasures to create her
eco-friendly artwork

Trash to
Treasure Art

Sparked by the sight of paper waste,  Del Foxton has taken environmental responsibility to new heights, producing aesthetically pleasing artwork from raw material that would remain debris  but for her artistically refined vision.


How Will You Show Your Love For The Environment?

We have a responsibility to honor the philosophy of repairing, reducing, and recycling. We also have an opportunity to turn the waste of our consumed goods into new, exciting, innovative and reusable items that will not only please, but also reduce our carbon footprint.

About Del Foxton

Del's dedication and love for paper making gives way to boundless creativity.

Del transforms paper waste in her process, using barrels of water by soaking, shredding, straining, washing, and beating to turn it into pulp which forms the paper for her wall sculptures.

Del lives and works between The Bahamas, Florida and Canada. As a member of art associations in those places, Foxton's work is intrinsically and extrinsically linked to these areas, and where her studios, Adagio Art Gallery & Studios are located. She describes her relationship with her work, which started with upcycling paper, as an obsession.

My Quiet Place, My Inspiration

In My Quiet Place 

As a paper sculptor, I am delighted, that in my small way, my  environmentally conscious artistry is diversifying the world of fine art and giving me, and hopefully others, the inspiration to enter the zone that creativity provides.

I am inspired by my own creative journey, that embraces our individual differences and celebrates the benefits that diversity brings to all. 



My Inspiration for Eco-friendly Art